New Born Baby Services

Congratulations on your new arrival!

Thank you for entrusting your child to the care of Dr John Flett, Specialist Paediatrician. We will endeavour to give your child the absolute best care possible. 

We understand that going home with your newborn for the first time can be quite challenging and daunting for any parent.  We are here to assist and support your transition to parenthood.  While in hospital, Dr Flett will see you and your baby every day and twice daily if necessary.  Please feel free to ask any questions – rembember there are no silly or stupid questions – every parent has been a NEW parent. Try to focus on you and your baby while my staff will visit you in person to assist and guide you through the administrative and birth registration details.

After your hospital stay, please ensure an appointment is made to see us when your baby is 10 days old and again at 6 weeks.  The first two Paediatric visits are covered as part of your maternity benefit by most medical aids.  I consider these visits among the MOST important for the health of your baby.  They set the scene to manage current challenges and plan preventive strategies.  Paediatricians are experienced and dedicated to manage all matters of childcare in a holistic manner.

We offer a free weighing service at any time during the first six weeks in order to monitor your baby’s growth and feeding intake in the early weeks and months. 

Vaccinations are also available at cost in our rooms, and are administered by Dr Flett. Vaccines can be combined with neurodevelpmental assessments at 6,10 and 14 weeks.  We offer vaccinations to all children until the age of 18 years. We also vaccinate mothers needing German measles vaccination after the birth.

Dr Flett can assist with the complete health and care of your child. This can be anything from coughs and colds to more serious medical concerns and anything in between!

Further to monitoring the health of babies from birth and children of all ages, Dr Flett can assist with ADHD, neuro developmental issues, sleeping issues, Autism or any form of behavioral issues. Adult ADHD assessment and management is also available with Dr Flett.

Dr Flett charges a rate commensurate with his experience and expertise. There may be a shortfall between the amount charged and the amount your medical aid pays. Please be advised that we are not contracted into Medical Aid, although we do submit in-hospital accounts for Discovery patients only.

It is the responsibility of the Member/Parent/Legal Guardian to settle accounts prior to or on discharge of your child from hospital.  Please collect your account from the rooms. Due to strict practice policy, all consultations are settled at time of consult. Credit card facility or cash is accepted at the practice, alternatively EFT prior to or at time of consult. Once you have made payment, we will issue a receipted statement which you can then submit to your Medical Aid and for Gap cover for reimbursement.

Our practice operating hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00am until 17:00pm.  For an appointment or in an Emergency please call our rooms. In case of an Emergency after hours, report to the Casualty Department where they will be in contact with Dr Flett.  Should you need Dr Flett for advice please feel free to email us at [email protected].

We wish you all the best and hope to join you on your exciting journey with your newborn! 

Your team at Dr Flett