My toddler survival eating guide.

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My toddler survival eating guide.

Wow! All parents WILL experience this distressing toddler behaviour. Not eating the food you have taken time to prepare can feel like an emotional putdown.

You have made sure that the food you offer is devoid of preservatives and pesticides. If the ingredients come from woollies, they must be ok! Right!

Parents, we are programmed to stress and worry if the essential bodily functions are not happening! Weeing, pooing and eating.

Any one of these “big three” can cause significant anxiety, and turns into a medical urgency that needs action. Immediately!


The first birthday is a licence to eat real food and anything!

Don’t limit meals to porridge and watery, mushy things.

Can you imagine ingesting porridge and only porridge for the past six months? So it should not come as a surprise when your face and outfit is spray-painted with liquid gluten.

So! What should you do and not do?